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Dare to Lead + LinkedIn = Global Read-Along

If you’re ready to dig in to Dare to Lead, join us for a global read-along on LinkedIn.

We’re starting on October 12, 2018, and finishing on November 30th (full schedule below). And, if we’re in the middle of it, join us anyway! It’s easy to catch up.

Every week I’ll take questions from readers and share my answers via videos posted on LinkedIn. You can do the read-along alone, with a partner, or with your team. We even have entire organizations joining us.


Here’s how it works:

  • Get a copy of the book and follow Brené on LinkedIn.
  • Use the form below to submit your questions.  You can submit your questions anonymously, so keep them real and we’ll keep the answers real!
  • Questions are due one day before we record each video.
  • Check back on LinkedIn to watch a video of Brené answering your questions. They are available anytime after being posted.
  • Links to previous videos below. 

See you from the road!

Read-Along Schedule + Links to Previous Videos
Brave Leaders and Courage Cultures
Sections One & Two
The Moment and the Myths | The Call to Courage
Section Three
The Armory
Sections Four & Five
Shame and Empathy | Curiosity and Grounded Confidence
Part Two
Living into Our Values
Part Three
Braving Trust
Part Four
Learning to Rise